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Wireless TRX

JB-lighting presents a radio transmission system for DMX 512. The system consists of a transceiver able to transmit 512 DMX channels. It can be used both as transmitter and receiver and works in the 2.4 GHz frequency band. The A12, A8, JBLED A7 and the JBLED A4 are already equipped with a radio module as standard, which can show software support functions in the display of the fixture, such as the signal of the received field strength. Most likely a simple and free software update will be sufficient to activate this function. All newly developed fixtures will be equipped with this radio transmission module as a standard feature.

Technical data

  • Can opperate as receiver or transmitter
  • DMX 512
  • Uses the 2,4 GHz frequency band
  • Rugged sheet-steel housing
  • Suitable for trussmounting
  • Dimensions: W 212 x D 145 x H 88 mm
  • Weight: 1.5 kg + Omega bracket 0.3 kg
  • 3pin and 5pin XLR in and out
  • Powercon


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