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Varyscan P8

Due to their limited light yield especially in white, LED spotlights could be used so far only in a limited way. This is now a thing of the past! JB-Lighting has developed a LED spotlight that clearly reveals the advantages of LEDs also in professional applications. The name of the new workhorse is Varyscan P8 and it is equipped with 21 high-performance RGB LEDs which have a maximum total power consumption of 800W.

The arrangement of the LEDs combined with the optical system ensures a comparatively compact construction as well as excellent illumination. The RGB colour mixing allows smooth and homogenous transitions without the use of mechanical componen- ts. This also applies to the high-speed strobe and the dimmer.

The effects unit consists of two gobo wheels each with seven rotatable, positionable and exchangeable gobos. In addition, an animation wheel is available which is able to rotate horizontally and vertically in both directions. 4-facet rotating prism, iris and frost effect complete the effects palette. The optical system is completed with zoom and focus.

With both the shaping and the technical realization, the Varyscan P8 is closely linked to the A series by JB-Lighting. With the combination of Varyscan P8 and washlight A8, a pair of LED movinglights is finally available that constitutes a high-quality replacement for conventional 700W discharge lamp movinglights.

Technical data

  • Light source: JB-Lighting LED module, max. 800W LED Power Effects
  • Animation wheel, horizontal and vertical, rotating in both directions, variable speed
  • 2 gobo wheels with 7 gobos each, rotating, indexable, exchangeable
  • 4-facett prism, rotating in both directions at variable speed
  • Frost
  • High-resolution iris diaphragm, pulse in different speed
  • Zoom 12° - 32° and Focus
  • Strobe effect, pulse and snap, speed up to 20 Hz
  • Dimmer 0% - 100%
Colour mixing
  • RGB colour mixing
  • Additional CTC channel
  • Virtual colour wheel channel
  • Pre-programmed white
  • Rainbow effect in various speeds
Control and programming
  • Protocols: DMX-512
  • JB-Lighting Wireless DMX on-board
  • Stand-alone operation
  • Built-in analyser for easy fault finding
  • Slide-in module
  • Data in/out: Locking 3pin & 5pin XLR
  • PowerCon in and out
  • 2x Omega brackets for quick and comfortable mounting in any direction
  • Tilt transport locks
Electrical specifications
  • Power consumption: max. 980 W
Mechanical specifications
  • Height: 673 mm
  • Width: 409 mm
  • Depth: 308 mm
  • Weight: 21 kg


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