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Licon FX

Stand-alone lighting control console for 96 dimmer channels. Perfect handling with 48 faders, which can be configured both as channel fader or scene fader.

The Licon FX is a fader extension board which can be connected to Licon 1X or Licon 1. It features 4 banks with 12 faders each. The total number of 48 faders enables direct access to all Licon 1X dimmer banks at the same time. The Licon FX can also operate as independent lighting control console for 48 channels.

Technical data

  • Fader extension for Licon 1 and Licon 1X, resp. lighting control console for 48 channels
  • Direct access to a maximum of 48 preset faders
  • 16 faders can be assigned to chases
  • Chase control section for immediate access to chase parameters
  • MIDI capable
  • Graphic LCD display
  • Data backup on USB memorystick


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