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Licon CX Tourpack

Combined lighting control console for 16 moving lights and 48 dimmer channels. In tour pack available with profi-flightcase, trackball and touring accessories.

The Licon CX can operate 16 moving-lights and 48 par-channels. The software is based on that of the successful Licon 1. However, it was modified to match new features, such as a touchscreen or data backup on USB memory stick.

Technical data

  • 512 DMX-channels for moving-heads and dimmers
  • 16 moving-lights max. 25 channels each
  • 48 PAR channels
  • 16 keys for direct access to moving-lights/PARs
  • graphical LCD display
  • Pan/Tilt control by encoders or trackball (optional)
  • Pan/Tilt channels 8 or 16 bit
  • direct access to max. 136 cues and 64 chases
  • 4 sliders for PAR-cues/chases
  • 3 masterfaders
  • 32 chases can run at the same time
  • Effect generator for fast programming of chases
  • preprogrammed moving patterns
  • Remote controllable by MIDI
  • software updates by PC
  • backup on USB memory stick


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