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Licon 1X Tourpack

Lighting control console for 32 moving lights and 96 dimmer channels. In tour pack available with profi-flightcase, trackball and touring accessories.

The Licon 1X is a universal lighting control desk for 32 moving lights and 96 channels of conventional lighting equipment. A multitude of features including a chase generator combined with a user friendly design provides fast and effective programming. The Licon 1X offers up-to-date features such as a touchscreen, USB-interface and a DMX-In function.

Technical data

  • 1024 DMX-channels for intelligent and conventional lighting
  • 32 fixtures with a maximum of 25 channels (+7 fixed channels)
  • 32 keys for direct access to fixtures and dimmer channels
  • 18 keys for feature access
  • Touchscreen with graphical LCD-Display, softkeys and encoder wheels
  • Pan/Tilt movement control by encoder wheels; trackball or mouse (optional)
  • Pan/tilt channels 16bit or 8bit
  • 24 keys for cues, direct access to 200 cues
  • 8 keys for chases, access to 96 chases altogether
  • 8 keys for sequences, access to 32 sequences
  • 32 chases can operate simultaneously
  • Selective data storage
  • Built-in library
  • Chase Control Section, offers the possibility to change chase parameter at all times
  • Effect engines for fast and effective programming
  • Preprogrammed moving patterns
  • 8 sliders (4 times switchable) for direct access to par cues
  • 8 sliders (4 times switchable) for selective dimmer control of fixture groups
  • 4 sliders (4 times switchable) for direct access to par chases or par cues
  • 3 masterfaders
  • Software update via PC
  • Crossfading of cues manually or time controlled
  • Crossfading of sequences manually or time controlled
  • Remote controlled via Midi, SMPTE, sound or DMX
  • DMX-In to connect an external DMX console
  • Integrated CD-Rom drive for timecode programming synchronized to music CD's
  • USB-interface for data backup and software update
  • 3,5" floppy disc drive for selective data storage
  • Graphical timeline editor
  • 4 aux potentiometers for direct access to DMX channels
  • Measures: W x L x H (mm): 700 x 700 x 200


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