JB Lighting Italy

For almost a decade alpha concept has been a sales partner of the German manufacturer JB Lighting.

Rental and sale of high-end JB moving head lights as well as controllers and light desks

Telephone +39 0472 886535

JB Lighting Moving Heads

A12 A12 A12 Tunable White A12 Tunable White A8 A8 A8 Tunable White A8 Tunable White
JB Sparx 10 JB Sparx 10 Sparx 7 Sparx 7 Varyscan P4 280 HRI Varyscan P4 280 HRI Varyscan P8 Varyscan P8
Varyscan P7 - LED CMY SPOT Varyscan P7 LED CMY SPOT      


Licon 2X Licon 2X Licon 1X Licon 1X Licon 1X Tourpack Licon 1X Tourpack Licon CX Licon CX
Licon CX Tourpack Licon CX Tourpack Licon FX Licon FX Licon FX Tourpack Licon FX Tourpack


Wireless TRX Wireless TRX Upgrade Dongle Upgrade Dongle Licon 1X Offline Editor Licon 1X Offline Editor


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